Category: Meme Community Updates

We Now Use Disqus

If you have a account you can now comment on our memes quickly and easily with no new signup required!  The Disqus system is free and may be the most popular and widely used comment system online.  Join in and comment...

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All the RSS is back!

Turns out everyone really loved the RSS headlines down the side of the page plus the long page before clicking to the next page (more memes and more news and magazine feeds on each page).  So we added them all back, plus a few...

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Site upgrades and updates

We already had a mobile friendly site, but we today made big improvements for our mobile users.  We have also done things to limit bandwidth usage, increase speed, and most important of all make the ads less intrusive.  Hope you...

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New Sites

Just launched!  We launched some really great sites in beta for you to enjoy and we hope you will check them out and bookmark them.  You can check them out at

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